Your potential consultant - Mijo Roncevic - presents himself with one line: „I'm a man who's always on the side of solution!"
Business way


Dependent work
Independent work
Company Activity Jobs Period Jobs Period
BELJE PIK Mece-Darda Agronomic nill Aspirant, sales referee 07.68.-08.70.    
AGROGRADNJA Darda Construction Construction worker, storekeeper 08.70.-07.72.    
SLOVIN LJUBLJANA Puniona coca cole Zemun, Poslovnica Bilje Production and distribution of non-alcoholic beverages Sales instructor 05.73.-07.74. Sales referee for Interpublic, Zagreb 07.74.-01.75.
SAPONIA Osijek Chemical industry Preparation for business management 01.75.-03.78.    
FINOMEHANIKA Osijek Service of office equipment Director 03.78.-10.85.    
PREHRANA Osijek Catering Director 11.85.-05.89    
NAKIT Osijek Goldsmithry Director 06.89.-06.93.    
ODEMA-NAKIT Osijek Goldsmithry Director 07.93.-06.97 Sales representative, Parnad Rijeka 97.-99
ARCUS Valpovo Construction Assistant director 06.97.-09.97.    
ODEMA-NAKIT Osijek Goldsmithry Director 09.97.-09.99. Consulting services for CZP Osijek 99. - today
TOMAC Čepin Technical merchandise Director 09.99.-04.01 Insolvency manager 00.- today
FUTURE POOL Valpovo Pools and equipment Manager from 09.04. (4 hours) 04.01.-09.05.    
TEMPLUM Valpovo Wood industry Manager (4 hours) 09.04. -    
RONČEVIĆ i dr. Osijek Consulting Owner, representative, consultant (4 hours) 09.05. -    




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